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What are the car insurance options ?
  • Basic insurance - Insurance required by law, it is always included. It cover the damage to the other car involved in the accident
  • Cover 80% collision - In addition to the other car involved, it covers 80% of the damage to the car you are renting, only in the case of collision. A police report is neccesary
  • Cover 80% all events - In addition to the other car involved, it covers 80% of the damage to the car you are renting, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Full cover - It is a paid option, that removes any responsability from the customer
What does Maximum liability mean ?

When it is defined, It poses a maximum limit, beyond which the customer will never pay. It only applies when the Full Cover option is not selected. The customers responsibility will depend on the circumstances, however this is the maximum that the customer can be held liable of

When do I pay ?

At the time of the booking you only pay for the service fees by debit or credit card (5% of the total +1% for bank fees), you pay the full amount to in cash during the delivery of the car

What is the cancellation policy ?

The cancellation policy is different for each car, and it is clearly highlighted during the reservation process

What to do if the car provider refuses the order ?

We regret when this happens, it means the owner has not updated the availability of the car in the system. You will be immediately reimbursed the service fees, and you can then look for another car to reserve

What happens if the car breaks down ?

Most of the providers take over the costs, and when possible provide an alternative car, in the event you have a defect in the car. Whatch for the Road Assistance option to be checked. This is not always true however in case you are outside Albania. Check the conditions in the car details for that specific case

Can i travel abroad with the rented car ?

It depends on the provider. Check for the Travel Abroad Allowed option to be set to Yes. There is a filter in the homepage for this

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