Information about Rent From Locals


Rent From Locals

The purpose of this website is to create a common free marketplace for car or apartment rentals between individuals or local businesses. It allows everyone who has a car or apartment,  to place an ad and rent it during the time that it is unused.

The cars and apartments can be browsed and reserved online by customers wishing to rent them. 

Once the reservation takes place, a free exchange between the provider and the customer is enabled. First of all the provider has the possibility to approve or reject the request. If they approve it, than the two parties can agree on the modalities and the delivery location and time. This is possible via our messaging service.  The customer have to confirm in the website, once the delivery is done, and everything goes alright. The payment for the reservation is to be paid in cash during the delivery.

During the reservation the customer has to pay by card a small service fee which serves to keep this platform going. This fee is not immediately charged, it is just preauthorized. It is only charged when the customer confirms the delivery. The payments are secured by Stripe, one of the world leading payment service providers. Our website does not store or use the card information.

The website itself does not provide any service other than the facilitation of the exchange between the provider and buyer of the service. It is up to the provider to ensure that they are eligible to provide the service, and that all paperwork is in order.