FAQ about renting a car in Albania with Rent From Locals


Questions from Renters:

What is Rent From Locals?

Rent From Locals is a marketplace for car rentals, not a rental company itself. It allows local car rental companies and private individuals to list their cars. As the largest marketplace of its kind in Albania, we offer the most extensive selection of cars and providers at the lowest prices.

Why should I rent a car from locals?

Renting from locals can save you a significant amount of money and reduce hassles. You'll pay less and deal with fewer restrictions and conditions. No credit cards, large deposits, or overpriced insurance packages are required. Additionally, you support the local economy and get a deeper cultural experience.

Is it safe to drive in Albania?

Yes, driving in Albania is safe. The road infrastructure has greatly improved and meets European standards. While public transport is available in major cities, having a private car allows you to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations more comfortably.

Is there a minimum age restriction to rent a car in Albania?

Generally, anyone over 18 with a valid driver's license held for at least one year can rent a car. Some providers may have additional restrictions, which will be detailed in the car listing.

Do I need international driving permit (IDP) to drive in Albania ?

Generally driving licenses from EU-EEA countries, as well as from UK and US are accepted in Albania, without the need for an IDP. If unsure, you can ask directly the car owner via the contact button on their profile, as to which driving licenses they accept.

How can I reserve a car with Rent From Locals?

You can search, compare, and book cars online just like any other booking platform.

To book directly, select your dates and location here: Book Online

For large groups or long-term reservations, request a custom offer here: Request an Offer

All bookings must be made through our website; we do not accept reservations via phone, WhatsApp, or email.

What are the car insurance options?

In Albania, the available insurance schemes include:

- Basic Insurance (TPL): Legally required, covers damage to the other car in an accident.
- Mini Kasko (80% Collision Cover): Covers 80% of damage to the rented car in collisions, with a police report.
- Full Kasko (80% All Events Cover): Covers 80% of damage to the rented car regardless of the event.

Additional options available for a fee:

- Full Insurance: Removes all customer liability in case of damage to the car.
- Reduced Excess: Reduces customer liability to a specified amount.

Do I need to leave a deposit if I have full insurance?

Possibly, as fines and fuel are not covered by full insurance. You can negotiate the deposit amount with the owner.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary by car and are clearly outlined during the reservation process. Cancellations within the deadline result in a full refund of service fees and guarantees.

What if I cancel after the deadline ?

In that case you are not refunded the amount paid by card, i.e. the total service fees and the no-show guarantee.

When do I pay?

At booking, you pay service fees and any refundable guarantees by debit or credit card. The full rental amount is paid upon car delivery.

Are card payments secure?

Yes, all card payments are processed through Stripe, a leading payments platform. Rent From Locals does not handle payment processing directly.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

Some providers may require a deposit for damages upon arrival. This will be clearly indicated in the car details and reservation summary.

What is the difference between the guarantee and the deposit?

The guarantee is held by Rent From Locals to secure your booking and is refunded the day after you pick up the car. The deposit, held by the provider upon car pick-up, covers potential damages, fines, and fuel.

When is the guarantee refunded ?

The guarantee amount is automatically refunded from us the day after the car pick-up. Please note that in can take your bank a few days/weeks to process it. If the refund is not in your account after 3 weeks, please contact us again.

How do I get the car?

Once your booking is accepted, you can arrange delivery details with the car provider. Typically, cars are delivered at the airport or a location of your choice, and picked up on your departure.

Can I pick up in one location and drop off in another?

Yes, simply select your pick-up and drop-off locations accordingly in the search form. The results will show the daily price as well as the delivery costs separately.

How many kilometers can I drive per day?

This information is usually provided in the car details. If not specified, it likely means there is no limit. Confirm with the owner via the contact button on the website.

What if the car provider refuses the order?

If a provider refuses your booking, you will be immediately refunded the service fees. You can then book another car.

What happens if the car breaks down?

Most providers cover repair costs and may provide a replacement car if available. Check for Road Assistance options and conditions in the car details, especially for travel outside Albania.

Can I travel abroad with the rented car?

This depends on the provider. Check if the Cross Border option is set to "Yes" in the listing. There is usually a fee for border crossing, which covers notary fees. Additional insurance for the destination country must be purchased separately. Contact the owner for details on multiple country travel.

Why is there a commission surcharge?

The commission is a service fee that supports the platform. It is split between the owner and renter, with the renter paying the total amount during the reservation. The owner's portion is deducted from the local payment.

What if I have additional questions?

For specific car-related questions, contact the car owner via the "contact" button on their profile or the car listing. For general questions about the platform, email us at customerservice@rentfromlocals.al

I need to file a complaint related to my booking. How can I do it?

Send a description of your complaint and any related evidence to our complaints department via email at complaints@rentfromlocals.al


Questions from Car Owners:

How can I join Rent From Locals?

Joining Rent From Locals is free. Sign up here. You can register with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your email. If using email, confirm your registration via the confirmation email.

How can I publish my car(s)?

After registering, you can list your cars using the New Listing button. Each car needs its own listing.

How do I get reservations?

You'll be notified of reservations via email and WhatsApp. Respond within 24 hours. Keep your pricing, conditions, and calendar up to date to minimize refusals.

How can I increase my visibility?

Cars are sorted by price, so competitive pricing is key. Positive reviews and a high acceptance rate also improve visibility.

How do I get paid?

Payment is made upon car delivery. To have secure bookings, you can specify a booking guarantee, which is blocked on the customer’s card for no-show cases and refunded after they pick up the car.

What if the customer does not show up on the pick up day ?

If the customer does not show up, and if they have not cancelled the booking on time, you are entitled to receive the guarantee amount that you have specified in the car listing.

How can I get more help?

For additional support, contact our car owner support department via email at carownersupport@rentfromlocals.al