Makina me qera me cmime ekonomike. Sherbim 24 h ne Tirane-Durres-Rinas
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Everything worked out great! They were super responsive and easy to find at the airport. Drop off and pick up both went smoothly! Thanks for the car!!

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Very good cooperation, quick communication if needed. Chosen car had no technical problems at all within 10 days of driving. I can highly recommend Asa.

lukaszk4 about listing Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel Manual 2008 13 days ago.
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Good cars, had a problem but they quickly changed cars for no cost and I was able to continue my holiday. Everyone very friendly and helpful. Would recommend to friends 100

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Car rental est fiable, et l'équipe fonctionne avec la confiance (ils ne viennent pas chercher de problème au retour de la voiture). Nous avons eu un problème d'embrayage, l'équipe a acourru avec une nouvelle voiture en 2h seulement. Service au top :) merci à vous !

yassink about listing GOLF 6 MANUAL 1.6 DIESEL 2009 1 month ago.
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Seriozitate si punctualitate. Totul a decurs conform planurilor. Bmw-ul a fost o alegere excelentă. Mulțumim, ne revedem la următoarea vizită in Albania

Thank you very much! You are welcome!

Reply By asa 3 months ago.
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Very good cooperation!

anetag about listing BMW Series 1 2013 Diesel 2.0 Automatic 4 months ago.
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Pick up and drop off was excellent - met at the airport both times and no waiting. The car I booked wasn't available due to a broken windscreen but it was substituted for another car of higher value.

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Very well,everything was ok.

zuzanab about listing FORD FOCUS 1.6 MANUAL DIESEL 2010 8 months ago.
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Cortesi e sempre disponibili.

L’auto, nonostante la sua lunga vita passata, non ha deluso le aspettative ed è riuscita ad accompagnarci per 700km anche fuori dal confine.

Per qualità/prezzo è l’agenzia migliore che abbia trovato.

Se dovessi ritornare in Albania saprei a chi affidarmi per un’auto a noleggio

onofrios about listing FORD FOCUS 1.6 MANUAL DIESEL 2010 8 months ago.
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I am very happy with my car rental, the car was delivered on time, it was very clean and in good condition. The rental company was very responsive, he responded very quickly to the message. Everything was perfect, thank you again.

flavieo about listing Golf 7 Automatic 1.6 Diesel 2014 8 months ago.
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I'll try to be as objective as possible. I would say I'm divided; there are pros and cons.

Firstly, the communication during the reservation on the website is simple, the rental company responds quickly, and they are reassuring about the rent conditions.

One great point compared to most rental companies is that they don't require a deposit, and they allow you to take the vehicle out of the country without any extra charges.

The vehicle is also delivered to you at the airport for free.

Furthermore, the car is affordable compared to traditional rental companies. The keys are handed over quickly, and the rental process is based on trust.

On the downside, the vehicle seems to be in worse condition than it appeared in the website photos, and no vehicle inspection is conducted, even though the rear right door is dented, the tires are almost worn out, and the clutch is worn. However, after a few minutes, you get used to it, and it's not too bothersome. I just expected the car to be a bit less worn. There is also no vehicle inspection when returning the car; everything is based on trust.

It's important to note that if you plan to leave the country, you must absolutely have a green card, which you can obtain either from an insurance agency or at the border. Even though the rental company allows you to take the vehicle out of the country at no extra cost, they do not provide the green card, and the insurance wich is in the car is only valid in Albania. There was a misunderstanding because we thought the rental company was insured abroad. In the end, the green card cost us 40€ for 15 days (the minimum possible).

The most troubling aspect for me was that after a few days, a message appeared on the dashboard indicating low oil level. Upon checking, there was almost no oil left in the engine. I contacted the rental company via WhatsApp to inform them, and since we were in Greece, I proposed to advance the expenses to buy a container and top up the oil level. They thanked me and told me I could add 1 liter of 5w30 oil. I later confirmed that I had indeed topped up the level after finding oil at a Shell station in Greece, which cost me 18€ for the container. That station was the only one available at the time, and I didn't want to risk driving without oil. So, I attached the credit card receipt to my message to prove the price. When returning the car, I showed the container to the rental company to prove that I had added oil, and they simply said, "Okay, so you paid 18€ for it." I replied yes and mentioned that I found it rather expensive, but I had no other choice since it was the only open station. They just said, "Well, everything is okay then, goodbye." I naturally expected a refund for the oil I had purchased, but it didn't happen. I didn't want to get into arguments, so I let it go. I just find it unusual that the customer has to pay for the missing oil simply because the levels were not checked before delivering the vehicle.

In conclusion, I would say it was sufficient for us despite these issues. You won't have all the amenities of traditional agencies, but you might get a vehicle in slightly worse condition than you expect. It's a little bit more positive than negative, I would rate it 6/10 for the ease of booking, the quick response time and the price. I deduct four points for the lack of transparency, the overall of the car and for the simple fact that I wasn't refund for the oil.

jeromep about listing NISSAN QASHQAI MANUAL 1.5 DIESEL 2009 8 months ago.
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Delivery and pick-up went smoothly. The car was a bit worn down exterior-wise, but worked great and was reliable. A small issue was resolved within minutes, would recommend.

monicawxxxn about listing FORD FOCUS 1.6 MANUAL DIESEL 2010 8 months ago.
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Everything was easy and smooth, car had a few scratches etc but everything worked fine

jamess about listing AUDI A6 QUATRO 2008 AUTOMATIK DIESEL 8 months ago.
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Everything will ok

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Asa was a beautiful & very kind guy who helped us with the airport pick up & drop off for the car very smoothly- hassle free return without any drama unlike usual rent a car at the end.

Would recommend everyone travelling to rent in albania to rent with him if you dont want any drama if you return the car in same condition as picked up.

We rented a Merc from him which was very nice inside & out - drove so smoothly for our roadtrips.

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Very nice! All good

pabloa about listing Fiat Punto Evo 1.4 Diesel 2013 9 months ago.
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Cdo gje shkoi mire flm.

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Nice communication, very efficient

clairej about listing GOLF 6 MANUAL 1.6 DIESEL 2009 9 months ago.
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I was very happy with asa. The price was very reasonable and condition was fine. I exactly got what I ordered. I really appreciated their on hands service and reactions if we had any issues or questions. They solved everything and we can fully enjoyed our vacation in Albania. Next time I will go with them again, definitely .

vladanh1 about listing RANGE ROVER SPORT 3.0 DIESEL 2010 9 months ago.
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ASA rental offers a great service. My flight was delayed by 4 hours and I landed in Tirana at 3 AM, but he still ensured me the car without any problem.

Some cars are a bit old, but the cost/value ratio is unbeatable.

I would use this service again and I strongly recommend to everyone else.

piercosimom about listing FORD FOCUS 1.6 MANUAL DIESEL 2010 10 months ago.