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Everything’s was smoothly, Thanks a lot!

paulg about listing Ford C-Max 8 months ago.
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It was an amazing experience, it went all good and Dorian was really kind with us and helpfull

federicab about listing Volkswagen Golf V 9 months ago.
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Preciso, puntuale, disponibile e gentile. Parla molto bene italiano. La macchina che ho noleggiato ha fatto il suo dovere per 2200km in 12 giorni senza darmi problemi su ogni tipo di strada. Sicuramente se avrò la fortuna di tornare in questo meraviglioso paese prenderò nuovamente a noleggio da autoe. Ottimo prezzo e nessun vizio. Avevo letto qualche giudizio negativo nei loro confronti ma la mia esperienza è stata positiva al 100%. Credo che se una persona noleggia un auto del 2005 consapevolmente deve immaginare gli interni potrebbero essere vissuti e che forse un comando elettrico di un finestrino potrebbe fare i capricci. Ottimo prezzo, ottimo servizio. Eccellente. Grazie

nicolam about listing Audi a3 9 months ago.
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Very good car! Super smooth rental an return! Very nice owner! Overall a perfect experience!

julians1 about listing Golf V+ 9 months ago.
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Tutto bene con auto. Abbiamo ritirato auto vicino all'hotel a Tirana e l'abbiamo consegnata all'aereoporto. L'auto non ha dato problemi. Abbiamo affrontato tutti i tipi di strada con la Ford C Max. Il proprietario è stato super disponibile.

andreac3 about listing Ford C-Max 9 months ago.
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It felt a bit sketchy in the beginning. We got a different car than we ordered, because something was not working with the other one. Our car was okay in the end, but we feared that the car would not start daily because the battery was really low. On our last day he got really mad and wrote that he will get the car immediately because someone else booked it directly after our time of return.

He also scammed us on fuel, he gave the car to us with 30km left. You will not see any money on left fuel :o Anyways 2/5 experience.

konstantinb about listing Golf V 9 months ago.
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Juste avant notre arrivée nous avons été informé que nous n’aurions pas la voiture prévue (Golf 6) mais une Ford Cmax,

L’avantage est que la voiture n’était pas en bon état d’aspect extérieur donc nous n’avions pas besoin de prendre une garantie supplémentaire.

Petit problème nous sommes tombés en panne deux fois le dernier jour où nous devions reprendre l’avion.

Pour la deuxième fois, ils ont tout de suite trouvé une solution et sont venus nous chercher dans les 5min pour nous emmener à l’aéroport.

Hormis ce problème, ils ont été très réactifs et très sympa avec nous, en moins de 5min nous avions une réponse sur whats app.

Je recommande vraiment !

sophied about listing Volkswagen Golf V+ 9 months ago.
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everything was great, great contact, no problems. I recommend. Thanks a lot

wioletak about listing Benz c class 9 months ago.
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The contact with the owner was good. He answered always fast. Picking up and return went fine. The car was not in good shape: something that Rentfromlocals should take more seriously / control. It had 300.000km, every 400 km I needed to add water to the radiator, AC barely working, door left behing didn’t close well and couldn’t lower the window. Airbags light always on (so I guess not working), left daylight bulb not working, hydraulic direction making noises, very worn car wheels (almost security relevant), Oil change lamp always making noises when starting the car, Radio display broken, volume button falling off, glove box falling off and sorry I cannot remember more, but believe me, I was praying that the car turned on every morning. At the end the Car took me from A to B and I had no “major” issues, but the saved money was not worth it. The owner has a small fleet (almost 40 cars) so he does no maintenance on the cars.

cristianm about listing Audi a3 9 months ago.
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Everything was okay. I recommended him ;)

jakubc1 about listing Seat Altea 9 months ago.
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Everithing was great Dorian was kind and helpful...we didn't have any problems with the car...was perfect! thank you for all

vanessac1 about listing Volkswagen Golf V 9 months ago.
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All good

gastong about listing Volkswagen Golf V 9 months ago.
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It all went smooth - we recommend!

filipac about listing Toyota Auris 9 months ago.
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Every things ok

andrear1 about listing Volkswagen Golf V 9 months ago.
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Can you give me the information, becouse we canceled today the reservation.

What is the cost that we will cover ?

wojciechw about listing Range Rover Sport 9 months ago.
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I had a very bad experience renting here and I recommend to everyone NOT to rent your car here. The car was in very bad quality and the people here are very unfriendly, intimidating and just only trying to get money.

First off all, the car was in very bad shape. The tires had almost no profile left (to an illegal level), which, especially looking at the road quality in Albania, was very dangerous.

Secondly, multiple times our car didn't start, because the battery ran out (while we were 100% certain no lights were on and all the doors were closed). We contacted the owner (only possible via WhatsApp, not via phone), and it was up to us to solve this problem. We had to find someone to jump start the car, everything was fine with the car and the battery (he was even saying that it was a new one, while clearly it wasn't, and also not original). The contact knowing there is a possibility the car was not going to start gave a lot of stress and made it we couldn't enjoy our holiday to the full extent.

Thirdly, we had a very annoying incident were the driver window didn't go up or down anymore, while it was halfway down. We didn't do anything to the car, it just broke down because of bad (no) maintenance/age. Again, it was up to us to fix the problem, and ended up costing us a whole day of our holiday finding car services to get the thing fixed. So again, no road assistance whatsoever.

The biggest problem, however, we faced when returning the car. Immediately, after arriving at the office, the guy started looking at the car to try to find some new damage in order to get money out of it. Apparently, he found some new damage that I wasn't aware of, and starting demanding money (the guy didn't speak English, very convenient as well when you want to have a conversation...). After looking into the damage and comparing it to photos I took, I admitted it indeed must have happened during my rental (I wasn't aware of that, but I took it on me), so I wanted to calmy engage in conversation to talk about a solution. Because the guy didn't speak English, I had to talk over WhatsApp again with another guy. This is where the threats and intimidations started coming in. The guy demanded €120 for a few scratches, said he talked to a painter and that would be the cost. Well, I'm 100% certain he's not going to fix those scratches, because the car is already full of them. I started negotiating about a price, but the threats and intimidations continued, saying he would call the police, was going to file complaints about the destruction of property and so on. In the end, I said I would pay €80, not because that was worth it, but just for my own safety, because I didn't know what the guys were going to do with me. Unfortunately, I didn't have the full €80 with me in cash, so the threats started again. I said if I could get to an ATM I'd give them the money, so they demanded I get into the car with the car so he could drive me to an ATM. So that's what I did, fearing for my own life. The guy drove like crazy (even crazier then most Albanians), I hoped we would get out of it alive. Finally, after a very scary ride, we arrived at the ATM and I was able to withdraw the last €20.

All in all, just don't rent here, those guys need to be taking of this platform.

jonanv about listing Benz c class 9 months ago.
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All Perfect!

rubenn about listing BMW Serie 1 10 months ago.
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Purtroppo il noleggiatore si è dimostrato un truffatore e un delinquente, state attenti a queste persone perché non mantengono le parole che promettono e soprattutto non rispettano i contratti che firmano.

Breve spiegazione dell'accaduto: noleggiamo una FORD C MAX del 2006 con 296.000 Km, gli accordi di noleggio erano ritiro AEROPORTO di TIRANA e riconsegna AEROPORTO di TIRANA con destinazione SARANDA. La vettura si vedeva che era molto vecchia, dopo circa 7gg. l'aria condizionata ha smesso di funzionare, temperatura media 38°/40°, la promessa del noleggiatore all'aeroporto è stata: "per qualsiasi problema, mi chiami e vengo a sostituirti la vettura", io con la mia famiglia eravamo certi che qualsiasi cosa ci sarebbe successa saremmo stati sicuramente soccorsi dal nostro paladino noleggiatore. Invece alla mia telefonata il disonesto noleggiatore mi ha risposto che non poteva fare nulla, perché se si guastava il motore, allora lui sarebbe intervenuto, ma per l'aria condizionata no, perché non faceva parte del motore (si vede che in ALBANIA i condizionatori delle macchina sono come quelli di casa, li montano a parte e funzionano con la corrente elettrica).

Ci sono state delle forzature dalle mie richieste, credo giuste, visto che i soldi che ho pagato erano buoni e non si sono bruciati o hanno cambiato valore, sono sempre rimasti quelli che ho pagato. Trovandomi alle strette e ormai avevo capito che il mascalzone non sarebbe mai venuto a cambiarmi la macchina anche se si fosse rotto il motore, gli scritto che avrei lasciato la macchina a SARANDA e avrei noleggiato un'altra vettura per tornare a TIRANA. A questo punto, il noleggiatore si è presentato nella veste del delinquente, minacciando la mia famiglia e poi insultando me, mia moglie e le mie figlie con frasi che potete solo immaginare, anzi molto peggio............

Per evitare qualsiasi contatto con il delinquente a questo punto sono tornato a TIRANA il giorno prima, facendo un viaggio stancante al caldo e all'aria dei finestrini rigorosamente aperti, partendo un giorno prima del nostro programma di vacanza e perdendo un gg di alloggio a SARANDA e pagandoci una notte in albergo a TIRANA, lasciando la macchina in albergo e pagandoci il transfert dall'albergo all'aeroporto.

Quindi fate molta attenzione quando noleggiate un veicolo in ALBANIA e evitate Auto ED-IS ED-IS il proprietario si chiama DORIS, ma potrebbe essere un nome falso, comunque fate molta attenzione perché è un delinquente pericoloso................

gianlucaf about listing Ford C-Max 10 months ago.
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Unfortunately I had not a nice experience with this company I rented the car from and can thus not recommend it. We rented a VW Golf for 11 days and paid the money for it upon hand-over. On the first day the car already broke down once and we stopped in the middle of the high way. We contacted the owner and he told us some tricks to start the car again. It worked and we continued our journey down South but had four major incidents on our whole trip where we could not start the car or where the car broke down in the middle of the high way. We were in constant contact with the owner but they always told us the same: the fuel in Albania is of bad quality and we have to try and try again until it works to start the car. Even though I have purchased the Roadside Assistance, the car rental company / owner was not able to provide us with a new car or come over and fix the problem. On the last day we had the most major issue: we were located in Korçe and were supposed to drive back to Tirana in the morning to catch our flight in the afternoon. We have tried for 1.5 hours to start the car but it was not working. The company was not helping us because the guy was in Sarander, at the same time being super unprofessional to us on the phone, e.g. accusing us of not following instructions, not appreciating the rental and not paying a lot of money for this anyway. In the end we had to leave the car in Korçe and take a bus + taxi back to Tirana Airport to catch our flight in time, causing us extra costs. Not recommendable.

mariesophied about listing Volkswagen Golf V+ 10 months ago.
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Mauvaise qualité de véhicule. Nous sommes tombés deux fois en panne... une fois la batterie HS et une fois surchauffe... Le bouton pour baisser et monter la vitre avant absent (cassé)... ceinture de sécurité AR ne marchait pas... tous les voyants allumés.. voiture pas entretenue du tout... une catastrophe... voiture changée pour une Audi A4 meilleur état avec des vibrations importantes sur la colonne de direction et un véhicule qui tourne à gauche tout seul si on lache le volant... Bref très mauvaise expérience que je ne renouvellerais pas.... A FUIR si vous tenez à votre sécurité...

francoisb1 about listing Mercedes-Benz C class 10 months ago.
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Everything is ok. Very kind and easy guys, very fast to answer. Difficult to find a price like this in August. Thank you!

protsyuko about listing Ford C-Max 10 months ago.
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Perfect, very easy and friendly service and rental company

rensv about listing Seat Altea 10 months ago.
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Tutto bene

ericab about listing Ford C-Max 10 months ago.
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Personne peut scrupuleuse m’a donnez un véhicule avec un pneu totalement lise sur l’intérieur jusqu’à à en voir la ferrailles il a était malin il l’a mis sur les pneu arrière et quand j’ai crevé aucune compassion rien il croyais que j’allais lui repayer un pneu le pauvre ne louée pas chez lui vous risquez de vous faire avoir

abdelkrimz about listing Ford C-max 10 months ago.
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DO NOT RENT YOUR CAR HERE! IT'S A SCAM! It was a deception. We and my gf rent a car, that a few days before they told me he AC is not working properly so they will provide another car, a Mercedes. They forgot to say an old Mercedes. Since the first time I got in the Mercedes, errors showing in the panel (missing one lamp here, hand break is activated even when I never touch it, something else there, etc). But the car was working so couldn't complain much.

Until the day the car didn't turn on, battery was down. For reference, lights were on automatic mode and I never ride at night, so guess what? I never turn on the lights, and even never saw it on. They guy from the hotel I was in, connected the cables and the car came to life. I ride the car a few more kms in that day. Later in the day, after I few hours in the beach, guess what? The car doesn't turn on again. I ask for help to the people from another hotel, they connected the cables but this time the car didn't turn on, nothing. That's when I contact the company, ED-IS, Autoe, and say what happened in that day. They start blame me, saying for sure I let the lights on for loads of time or something like that and saying, if they ride to the place I was, and the car was fine, I would have to pay a fee. So they drove through the night, connected the cables, said it was my fault and I had to pay 100€ extra. What a scam. So they give you a old and "broke" car, something starts failing, and it's your fault and you have to pay a fee.

What was the solution? They gave me "another car". Can you guess what was the other car? The car that I rented in the first place...

Just don't rent a car here, don't get scam!

filipea about listing Seat Altea 11 months ago.