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Easy delivery/ pickup and great car. No issues, highly recommended!

josephg about listing Audi A4 26 days ago.
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excellent communication, he came and wait for me, and he was on time to pick up the car, i had i great experience with them, I definitely will book again will them, thank you

mimozab about listing Volkswagen Polo 7 months ago.
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Everything went smoothly. Very nice car and good service. I recommend highly.

michals about listing VW TOURAN 6+1 8 months ago.
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Do yourself a favour, spend 20 euro more and go with a reliable company. It will save you a lot of stress and anger in the end! As my mother always said: "the one who buys cheap, buys twice in the end"

First of all sth positive. Our flight was delayed by two hours and the guy was waiting for us for over an hour. Also communication with him during the rental period was very easy. But thats about it i guess...

As soon as we arrived he asked us, whether we want to have the 8€ per day insurance, which covers scratches, or the 15€ per day insurance, which is the full cover.

On the website on the other hand, it said that an "80% collision" insurance is already included (thats how you have to understand it, since directly beneath it says that there is a paid option for full insurance as well, which indirectly means, that 80% collision is included).

Then as well, on the website it says, that this full cover will cost 8€ per day, but the guys wanted to sell it to me for 15€ a day.

The car was completely damaged and scratched. It had at least i would say 30 scratches, a huge dent at the driver side, a big crack in the front and a damage in the back.

So what option did i have???

Knowing that i will probably have to argue with that guy about every scratch when i give the car back, i had no other option than to take the 8€ a day insurance, although i tried to explain to him, that it should be included already, but he didnt understand, or didnt want to understand.

The next thing is, that he said, the car has to be delivered clean. From my experiences with other rental companys, this means, no eating, no stains, no dirt IN the car. so before you give it back, vacuum clean the car, shake the mats, remove stains if there are any and thats it.

In the contract it isnt further mentioned in detail. It just says: "The vehicle is delivered clean and should be returned clean".

So long story short. We didnt do anything to the car. We entered the car, drove from A to B, left the car, it stood there for 3 days, we entered the car, drove back from B to A and dropped it off at the airport again. No accidents, no drinking, eating what so ever in the car. NOTHING.

We arrived at the airport and then suddenly the guy starts "what is this damage here in the front, where does it come from, i didnt mark it". Luckily we made a video with all these damages i mentioned earlier. We had to show the video to him 5!!! Times until he finally agreed, that the crack was there already.

But somehow he had to make some more money from us i guess, cause he immediately started to say like "what did i tell you about the cleanness of the car?" complaining that the car is dirty. Theres was nothing!!!! Inside was perfect. But he expected us to wash the car!!! I've never heard of that and was furious, especially since there was nothing to wash as well!!!

After arguing with him for another 5 min, we had to give him another 10 Euro so that we get our 100 Euro deposit back.

End of the story. NEVER AGAIN!!!!


1. Only paid insurance, although stated on the website that at least a good basic insurance is included.

2. Damaged car delivered

3. Tried to make us responsible for a damage we didnt do

4. Had to pay a cleaning fee, although we delivered the car in a non arguably clean state.

marcusd about listing Volkswagen Polo 8 months ago.
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Hidden costs, beware!

According to the website, 80% of the costs are covered, but they make a difference between 80% collision and total. Costs extra again.

Car was handed over completely empty, just made it to the next petrol station. If the car is not washed and vacuumed, there is an extra charge. It didn't say.

On the website it said "For bookings over 14 days a discount of 2% is applied", we didn't get that either. We had booked 15 days!

The staff was very nice, but overall I wouldn't recommend it.

stephaniek about listing Ford focus 8 months ago.
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Everything went well. thank you !

sylvaint about listing Peugeot 301 8 months ago.
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Everything esas perfect!

trinidadr about listing Dacia Dyster 9 months ago.
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Everything was perfect, communication with the provider was excellent, rented car works properly. I can recommend Rentfromlocals services as absolutely perfect! Thanks a lot!

tapir3 about listing BMV X3 9 months ago.
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felixp about listing Peugeot 301 9 months ago.
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Great company. Great car.

regisp about listing Mitsubishi ASX 9 months ago.
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Everything smooth, ALM was patient and accomodating

spencerr about listing Toyota Aygo 9 months ago.
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cheaper fares compared to the classic rentals. I was a bit insecure at the beginning, but in the end it was 100% safe and better then expected

davides1 about listing Peugeot 301 9 months ago.
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Everything was ok

annad about listing VW TOURAN 6+1 9 months ago.
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Excellent service.

Helpful staff.

All very well.

kestutiss about listing Skoda Yeti 9 months ago.
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All good. Good car, good service, good price. Recommended

valbonab about listing Audi A4 9 months ago.
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very smooth service, they delivered the car to the hotel where i was staying.. and they also showed up to pick it up, 7 days later, from another location.

They also refunded the deposit in less than 5 seconds. I recommend using their services.

alaink about listing Audi A4 9 months ago.
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Skerdian was super great with us, great communication, super helpful. I would recommend his services close eyes, 200%!!

cindyk about listing Citroen C5 9 months ago.
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Looking good we like the car and THE service

robertk about listing Ford Fiesta 10 months ago.
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Everything went smoothly, so much easier than renting from the bigger companies. Car was perfect, and dealings were handled professionally. A special thank you to the staff, he is a great guy who is very helpful and friendly.

seank about listing Skoda Oktavia 10 months ago.
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Gjithçka në rregull. Disponueshmëri dhe shpejtësi e madhe në zgjidhjen e problemit që kishim. Faleminderit.

lucioc about listing Skoda Yeti 4x4 10 months ago.
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Very good contact, good communication. Smooth easy handover at the airport. Issue with Fuel indicator which was a bit bugger on the way.

lubomirc about listing Peugeot 301 10 months ago.
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Dispite it doesn't appear on the reservation note the time that you have to drop off the car, only the day, you have to drop it off at the same time of the pick up. I was not expecting this, so they wanted me to pay a extra day + extra day of insurance. To pay the extra day I understand, but the insurance was already paid for that day. I argued about that, so i just payed half a day.

There was no problem with the car, despite some lights did turn on, on the panel.

Besides that, there was no problem

filipes about listing Toyota Aygo 10 months ago.
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everything went well, kind and correct person, thank you

danilof about listing Dacia Dyster 10 months ago.
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All ok! Suggested!

mattiasb about listing Ford Fiesta 10 months ago.
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The car is perfect, the operator are precise and accurate. Mi sono trovato veramente bene

leandrob about listing BMV X3 11 months ago.